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Kami persembahkan rampaian buku-buku yang akan membantu anda belajar asas-asas berdagang dan berasa yakin di pasaran. Sila maklum bahawa semua buku-buku ini ditulis di dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Jika anda kesuntukan masa dan perlukan bahan bacaan yang ringkas tetapi padat mengenai asas-asas perdagangan, anda boleh baca artikel-artikel di Buku Panduan Forex kami.

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Finance for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts: Stock Market for Beginners - Investing for Beginners

Mark J. Cooper

Why Should I Invest in the Stock Market?What Tools Do I Need to Get Started?How Finding a Broker?How to Get Into the Stock Market?How Do I Buy and Trade Stocks?What is the difference between save money and invest money?How do i measure my long term results?What could be pratical applications ?These are some of the classic questions that people make when they want to start investing money and time in any business.Very often all these questions remain unanswered and people at this point do two things:- They give up- They start to invest money without successThis book is born for this reason, to provide an answer to all these questions.Hi I'm Mark J Cooper,I am a husband and father of two children.My parents, very good people, have given me so much, the best of their economic and intellectual possibilities.They have always taught me to study a lot, take good marks, and look for a steady job with a good pay.Unconsciously they prepared me for the best prison I could have.At just 26 I was already a very stressed person, an absent father working all the time and a bad husband.At the age of 27, I decided to change my life, invest in entrepreneurial training, and study all passive income business.Studying these businesses also means immediately applying what has been studied, and it is precisely what I have done, becoming financially independent at less than thirty years old.In this series of books, I want to explain what I learned in these businesses,explain the mistakes I have made and provide you with a series of winning strategies.

Forex Trading Guide (Best Way To Make Money) Bonus Online Training Included Offer

Gary Wittmann

Some people say learning Forex is hard and others say easy but with this right book and training course bonus.You can be making money daily as you work on the skills.The Bonus package will teach you the daily skills for 13 months.Why Forex Trading? World’s most liquid financial market Wonders of Forex tradingAutomated Forex Trading: Clever yet Effective Technology Spectacles of Automated Forex TradingEssential Tips on How to Learn Forex TradingForex Trading: What to Trade, When to Trade, and How to TradeWhat to trade? When to trade? How to trade? Instrument wise liquidityForex Trading: How to be SuccessfulWhat kind of trader are you? Develop trading strategyForex Trading Risks and ReturnsSome of the Effective Advice for Forex Trading Beginners Trade in major currencies Trade with authentic firm Stay away from companies that promise high profits and low risksChoose a government registered company: Why to take Forex Trading course?Bonus Forex Trading course Package:A $5000 value Forex Online Video Training Course for 13 months major discountedat this time for buyers of this ebook. Check it out and check the testimonials.

EL MERCADO DEL FOREX DE UNA FORMA SENCILLA - La guía de introducción al Mercado del Forex y de estrategias de trading más eficaces en el sector de las divisas (Spanish Edition)

Stefano Calicchio

La guía de introducción al Mercado del Forex y de estrategias de trading más eficaces en el sector de las divisas¿Qué es el Forex y cómo funciona? Aprender rápidamente los conceptos básicos del Forex nunca ha sido tan fácil. Esta guía completa y accesible les mostrará el mecanismo de funcionamiento del mercado de divisas.En este manual encontrarán toda la información que necesiten para empezar a operar en el Forex: desde el funcionamiento del ‘Book’ hasta el Cruce de Divisas, desde el Análisis Técnico hasta el Análisis Fundamental, desde el primer estudio de los gráficos hasta la Gestión del Capital. El Mercado del Forex de una Forma Sencilla es la primera guía que les lleva de la mano y les explica paso a paso cómo enfrentarse al mercado más líquido del mundo.Olvídense de los ineficaces manuales teóricos y de sus miles de páginas vendidas a precios locos en la web, y disfruten por fin de una lectura que les ofrecerá la experiencia que ustedes están buscando a un precio inmejorable.

Forex Trading Made Easy For Beginners: Software, Strategies and Signals: The Complete Guide on Forex Trading Using Price Action

Marlon Green

There is quite a buzz in the marketplace about Forex trading. More and more persons are trying their hands at this form of trading in a bid to make additional income to support their families. Some are even looking at Forex as a job that they can do from home so they can spend more time with their families. "Forex Trading Made Easy For Beginners: Software, Strategies and Signals" helps the reader to learn all about this form of trading. The world of trading can be unforgiving and it is essential that persons learn how to trade properly before they put all their money in. The book is a great introductory text for the Forex novice. It teaches all of the basics and so much more!

FOREX Trade the news …..What are the Odds? “Trade Canadian Net Change in Employment and Unemployment Rate - M o M - News Reports” (FOREX Trade the news..... What are the Odds? Book 9)

Tony Long

A good monthly news report for a profitable trade is the “Canadian Net Change in Employment and Unemployment Rate”Currency trading can be very stressing, especially for the “newbie”, and at times for the experienced trader. Most experienced traders warn against trading during important news releases, which is good advice if there is no real plan available upon which to rely on. A good plan in FOREX trading is very important no matter the system in use.Stop and think about it - no matter which trading system you use, you calculate the “odds”, and trade accordingly. Important news releases affect the country releasing that information - it could be either good or bad for the economy - either way, it will affect the value of that currency against another currency. Majority of money traders holding currency that loses value, will attempt to trade that currency into a more valuable currency - just human nature, The opposite applies if the currency goes up in value against another currency.Knowing the nature of the market and your broker when important news reports are released is an advantage which can beneficial.Two of the more important news releases to keep an eye on are the “Canadian Net Change in Employment and Unemployment Rate - M o M - News Reports”.This e-book will show a brief history and how to set up and trade these important Canadian news reports according to the “odds”.

Earn in Forex Trading while you eat, play and sleep

Hongchang Shao

Everybody can trade, but not everybody can truly beat the market.This book on forex trading is not just any other run of the mill book on the same topic. Most books teach the techniques but do not mention how much time you need to spend, or whether it is actually feasible to execute the trading strategy. You are a busy person with a lot going on in your life, how can you afford to trade well?The title, Earn While You Eat, Play and Sleep, explains the crux of the book. It allows you to spend just a few moments a day trading, while freeing up the rest of your time to do what is really important in your life.Inside this book, it teaches you how to trade daily using lesser time, facing lesser stress, while STILL racking up an impressive profit over the years. The steps, whilst simple to understand, are not easy to implement. And that is what the book is for: to help you implement it, for correct implementation is 90% of the game plan.A must-read for those who want to trade, and still want to enjoy themselves without staring at their screens all day long!

Forex: Powerful Strategies To Dominate Forex (Day trading,Trading,Stocks,Forex)

Jordon Sykes

Forex StrategiesThis book Forex Strategies: Powerful Strategies to Dominate Forex, containsa collection of proven steps and strategies on how to become a truly powerful new trader using the foreign currency exchange market (also known as FX or Forex). In this type of trading, you will exchange currency pairs.In this book you will learn:• How to research information and accrue data and to use it to your advantage to make a profit• How to look at global time zones for markets and volatility• How to assess global economic situations and Central Reserve Bank information to gather data and speculation• How to interpret charts, lines, and trends• How to implement pending orders to buy and sell• How to put stops to protect your trades and profits• How to use automated trading systems• An introduction to advanced techniques for further study• Advice and tips for successful tradesIn order not to miss great opportunities to make profits in this type of dynamic trading, you will need some support and guidance. If you go on your own, you may end up making very bad investment decisions. The fact that you have downloaded this book shows that you are choosing the path to be a wise investor and trader.



Tired of reading guru’s “best-sellers” on passive income systems and make no money? "5 Practical Steps to Create a Passive Income with Forex" introduces you to Social Trading, one of the least-known passive income tool available to investors and yet one of the most promising as well.Social Trading is revolutionizing the concept of investing and making investing available to individuals on a scale that was unimaginable only a few years ago. Anyone, independently from his or her level of experience, can benefit from it. You will not need to be financially literate or an expert trader.You will learn:- What a Forex Broker is and how to choose an honest and reliable one.- How to create your Forex Broker Account and the most common procedures to successfully activate it.- How to create and configure your Social Trading Account and the pros and cons of the best Social Trading Platforms.- What is a Virtual Private Server and why it is important to you.- How to keep track of your progressIn less than 24 hours you will have access to your social trading account and be ready to start profiting from it.

The Only Way to Successfully Trade Forex: Stop Losing and Be Consistently Profitable in Trading the Currency Market

Ahmed Mohamed

Have you been losing money in the currency exchange market (Forex)? Are you just starting and afraid of losing money in Forex?Are you sick of buying expensive materials online that look so promising but has no positive results at all?This short yet detailed book will show you the most efficient and probably the only way to be consistently profitable in trading Forex.This book covers:-The truth about Forex: which a lot of brokers and traders will not tell you-Main reasons traders lose money in Forex-The Do's and Don’ts in Forex trading-The best and the simplest method to trade the Forex market- Answers for the most important questions you have-A complete guide on how to start trading right away-A step by step instructions on how to find, place and close a tradeAfter done reading the book, chances are you going to completely change the way you have always thought of the Forex market and should have developed the right concepts that a successful Forex/stock trader must have.This book is not for people who are looking for a magical godly fast way of making money in Forex, this book is a complete guide for people who want to take trading as a professional career.

Price Action Trading for Forex Traders

Tom Kanchesky

Get this high-probability trade setup using price action, combined with solid money management strategies for greater trading results Are you a forex trader? Are you frustrated with your trading results?If so, this book can help.In this book, you'll learn our favorite price action trade setup that works consistently for the forex market. Then, you'll discover how to use money management the right way to improve your trading results. Next, we'll discuss the importance of trading psychology and discipline in your trading success.Finally, we'll put everything together to give you a complete trading plan. So you can trade with a solid strategy, sound money management, and a winning mindset.Follow a simple plan that improves your tradingPrice Action Trading For Forex Traders details a paint-by-numbers plan for forex traders who want more results.The best part? It can be done in 3 simple steps: a high-probability trade setup, effective money management strategies, and developing a winning mindset.Here's just some of what you'll learn:1. How to use price action, instead of lagging indicators, to identify high-probability trade setups.2. What is Pin Bar? And exactly how to trade Pin Bar the right way.3. A rule of thumb to determine the most important support and resistance levels.4. How trading with the trend can increase your chance of winning a trade.5. How to use the confluence trading principle to put the odds in your favor.6. What you should really focus on when reading your trading charts.7. Why you must take into consideration the Round Number levels? This is exactly what most traders overlook.8. Having the right reasons for trading the markets can help you improve results. I'll explain why.9. How to remove emotions from trading. So you can stay objective.10. Why money management is the most important skill you can learn as a trader.11. How to develop a money management system that fits you.Would You Like To Know More?Download now and start using these trading strategies today.Scroll to the top of the page and select the "buy" button.

Investing: 6 Books in 1: Stock Market Investing, Options Trading, Penny Stocks, Forex Trading, Real Estate Investing & Rental Property Investing

G. Smith and Rob Drex

Have you tried investing books before, only to discover that after listening and re-listening, implementing all of the recommended steps and giving it your all, you still feel a little stuck? Investing: 6 Books in 1 is here to change that. Inside this book you will find easy-to-understand, detailed information, tutorials, and advice for how to make intelligent decisions for where to place your money so that your money can work for you. In this book you will learn: How to get started investing in the stock market All about how to become successful trading options in your spare time The ins and outs of trading penny stocks, and whether or not it can work for you The smart way to begin trading foreign currency The various types of real estate investments available and how to get started And much more.... So what are you waiting for? Take action, not now, but right now, and get this complete guide to investing today!

The Insider's Guide to FOREX Trading

Kathy Lien

Run Time: 90 minutes. This is a video withan 82 page online manual included. Kathy Lien, Chief CurrencyStrategist at Forex Capital Markets, walks you through theadvantages this growing market brings and arms you with her yearsof expertise and successful strategies in this from-the-inside-outguide to FOREX trading.You will get direct access to the tactics that provide thegreatest potential without paying the high price expensive researchtime and mistakes. Also, Lien outlines why short-term traders arewell suited for the foreign exchange markets and how the dataavailable for currencies makes it ideal for technical analysis.With thorough research and real-world approaches Lien showsyou:How FOREX can be traded for the long or short term and theadvantages of both approaches,Detailed explanations of what drives the trends in FOREX,The fundamental elements that influence FOREX and how tointerpret them,Trading tactics unique to currencies that you can use to boostyour trading portfolio,The four key rules to winning in FOREX.See the advantages for yourself and get tactics you can use tolimit your risk and protect your trading profits. Don't go intocurrencies without the insight and perspective of an expert. Fromthe return boosting advantage of interest paid out on currencies tothe flexibility 24/7 markets offer, you'll be ready to use thetactics, tools and experience in this course to tap into the hugepotential forex trading offers.

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